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Boston Celtics Team Page

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Boston Celtics Team Page Empty Boston Celtics Team Page

Post  KyCats1423 on Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:34 am

Boston Celtics Team Page Boston-celtics-logo

Welcome to the Boston Celtics Team Page. Today we sat in on the Doc Rivers and GM Danny Ainge's press conference. They were talking about the upcoming draft and who they are thinking about picking up for their team. Doc Rivers was asked on who he would like to see come to the Celtics and this is what he had to say. "Well if we don't get the top pick in the draft and can't get either LeBron or Durant. We are looking at three or four guys we really like Melo, Rose, Howard and Westbrook." "We hope to land one of these guys in the upcoming draft i think they can really help build this team." Danny Ainge had this to say. "Im in the same boat as Coach Rivers i think if we don't get the top pick in the draft i think one of these guys will be available but we are looking at other options if we are not picking high in the draft." One reporter asked "What is some of the other guys you are looking at if none of them guys are available and you pick later in the draft who are you looking at?" GM Danny Ainge said "We are looking at some other key guys that we can build around like Amar'e, Rondo, Wall, Love, Gay, and Smith." They was also asked the question " Who are you all looking at in the second and third round in the draft?" Coach Rivers said " Well we sat down and looked we are looking at guys like Cousins, Bynum, and Gasol. The Owner Jacob came in an they asked him "We know your a Kentucky fan are you going to try and get some Kentucky players?" After they asked the question he just laughed an answered "Well we are looking at getting Knight,Cousins, and maybe Harrellson and Liggins." "In all reality we are trying to get the best of the best in here and i think if we can't get LBJ or Durant we will try to get Melo and some supporting cast around him like Knight and Cousins." Boston Celtics Team Page Danny_ainge_doc_rivers

Fans outside the TD Garden Arena watched the press conference and they seem like they like the idea of getting Carmelo Anthony if they can't get either LeBron James or Kevin Durant. The Celtics are looking to bring home the NBA Title back to Boston. Fans are hoping that they can get a Title contending team in the upcoming draft. Where will the Celtics draft and Who will they get? We will see in the upcoming draft.


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