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Team Page Example

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Team Page Example Empty Team Page Example

Post  AC Moneymaker on Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:01 pm

Here is an example of a team page. You can keep the league updated with what's going on with your team here. It's not mandatory, but it is something that I find fun to read other team pages and keeping mine going. It doesn't have to be this detailed, so just do what you feel like doing.

Here is one of the Team Page posts that I made in another league I was in

Brooks N Bosh lead the Wizards over the Cavs in Washington

Team Page Example Boshbrooks

The Cavs came into Washington seeking revenge after the Wizards came up to Cleveland and embarassed them on there home court 74-50. Reporters got a comment from Cavs SG Brandon Roy before the game "Hell yeah we want revenge we got embarassed in front of our home crowd. Were out for blood this game." Unfortunately for the Cavs that beating at home wasn't enough to motivate themselves past the Wizards on this particular night in Washington. The Wizards knew they had to handle the business as this is a particularily dangerous Cavs team. It was an unprecedent effort by the Wizards in this game as the Wizards had 5 yes 5 players in double digits among them were Chris Bosh, Aaron Brooks, Andre Iguodala, Rashard Lewis, and 6th man Carl Landry. GM Atown117 had this to say about the teams performance "We played great team basketball out there. Obviously when ya have that many players in double figures you're doing something right." Then there were other little performances like Tyson Chandlers 5 blocks, and Bosh also had another 3 blocks. Above all though it was a fantastic performance by the Wizard young Point Guard Aaron Brooks who had 11 points and also dished out the ball 12 times finding teammates for the open shots. Look for Brooks to lead this team even more as the playoffs approach.

Team Page Example Boshtk
Chris Bosh proved that he is more than an offensive threat as he had 6 rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 blocks to go along with his 11 points

Team Page Example Iggyq
It seems like it's almost mandatory to have an Iggy highlight, and here's another one from Iguodala's 10 point performance against the Cavs

Team Page Example Landryn
Carl Landry was a spark off the bench as he contributed 10 points for the Wizards off the bench. He is vastly becoming the Wizards go to Sixth Man

Box Score

Team Page Example Boxscore

Washington Wizards Season Record 17-1
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